Who is The World Wanderess?

“Not all who wander are lost”- J. R. R.Tolkien

Well hello my fellow wanderlusters and adventure seekers alike. My name is Stephanie aka World Wanderess and I’ll be your world travel blogging guidess.

Since 2015, my life has turned into a world wind of amazing adventures. I was lucky enough to turn my passion for traveling into my career. Within those many adventures, whether for work or pleasure, I have learned that traveling teaches you far more life lessons than you may be prepared for. My intention with this blog is to share those experiences, those words of wisdom, inspiration, and travel secrets I’ve come across along the way. That to me has been the biggest blessing of travel, the education you receive from it. There is no college degree that can compare to the life experience you get from getting off of the couch, buying a plane ticket, and stepping into a foreign land by yourself for the first time, or even the millionth time. It takes courage, it takes faith, and it takes a passion to embrace the unknown because no matter how much you plan a trip, down to the minute detail, it will never go as planned and in doing so, you learn to roll with the punches.

Most of my travels thus far have been solo and I’ve really loved that, but anytime I can share the experience with someone else, I jump at the opportunity. It wasn’t until my junior year of college that I had the chance to study abroad. Having never left the county, let alone travel on a plane by myself, I picked a college in Northern England where no one else at my University was planning on attending. I wanted to grow, I wanted to scare myself, and I wanted to create an experience that was completely new and organic. I knew the only way I could do that for me, individually, was to do it alone, and alone I went.

I remember the first time I stepped off the airplane, walked through customs, and wandered outside the airport. I recall thinking, “what the hell did I get myself into?” But I kept going, and from day one to the final day of my studies I grew, changed, and created a life for myself I never thought I’d ever have the opportunity to create. It was within that first moment of fret that I was bit by the travel bug, and from that moment forward I’ve never found a cure and I hope I never do.

I am a happy-go-lucky, lover of life, and try to find the beauty in everything I come across, even those moments that seem sad and scary at first. That has been a very powerful lesson I’ve learned from traveling. Much of life is out of your control, so you can choose to fight it, be angry, be sad, find things to complain about it, or choose to embrace, and love it. Both do nothing to change your situation, but the later at least allows you to breathe and move on to the next step. I choose to see the beauty in everything because there is always a way to make your situation better. There is always a new door to open even if they all seem slammed shut and dead-bolted, and there is always a new road to travel down to create a new life.

I choose to embrace fear as well, but within that embrace I choose to make that fear a positive. I always say, “If you’re not terrified at least once a day, you’re doing something wrong.” Fear means you are leaving your comfort zone, you are going out and doing something you haven’t done before. Fear means you are growing, it means you are changing, and it means you are evolving. Fear, next to love, is the greatest feeling you can feel because it means you are alive. It means you are living at that very second. I feel fear all the time. Fear, is not the enemy. Your comfort zone is. Leave it and never go back.

Travel is probably the greatest gift you can give to your soul and I hope that this blog will entice each and every one of you to feed it. I hope you share your stories, your travel experiences good and bad, and I hope to see you grow as you watch me do the same.

That’s this wanderess in a nutshell. Until next time my loves, be good to one another and travel on =).



  1. Karen Shupert

    I love that you created this blog page. I’ve enjoyed the stories and pictures you have shared over the past year. You have experienced so much and just think there is ALOT more to experience. Proud of you my friend!!!

    1. Post
      Wanderess Steph

      Thank you so much Karen! That really means a lot! Yes, so much more to see and do! It’s only the beginning! =)

  2. Lois

    I think your blog is an awesome way to express yourself and the world of travel! You go girl! You bring the joy to many through your stories of travel! You love of life is expressed through your writing and it a true blessing! I am blessed just knowing you … thank you for sharing your travel journey’s with us… xoxoxo

    1. Post
      Wanderess Steph

      Thanks so much! Those were such kind words, I don’t even know what to say! So blessed to know you!

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