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Washington, DC. Our nations capital, and the heart of our American political history. It is filled to the brim with museums, memorials, statues, walking tours, and so much more. It is home to our president, lots of congressmen, and various other political officials. I love coming to this city because I always seem to learn something new and exciting about American history. I was lucky enough to share that education with Tyler again, as he joined me on another one of my trips for his first experience of the Nations Capital.


Our first stop was the Pentagon and 9/11 memorial. Our hotel happened to be a 10 minute walk away, so it made the beginnings of our exploration easy. The memorial is so beautifully done. It has benches to represent every life lost at the Pentagon that day, with little pools of water underneath them. The benches, depending if they’re facing the Pentagon or sky, represent where each individual lost their life, in the building or on the plane. You are free to to roam around the area, but be very careful about taking pictures of the actual Pentagon building. It is not allowed and they strictly enforce it.


When we finished paying our respects, we began our walk to The Mall. Now there are many ways to get around DC. Cab, uber, train, or walking. Every time I’ve been there I’ve always managed to walk everywhere. It’s a bit of a distance, and it takes a little bit longer, but it’s free and you get to experience so much more of the city that way. On the walk we passed over the bridge that connects Arlington Cemetery to the rest of the monuments. The bridge is one of my favorite places to walk over because it is just a few miles from the airport. The incoming planes have to strictly follow the river that leads to the airport, this is because there are many no fly zones in DC and areas of enforcement became a lot stricker after September 11th. I love standing on that bridge and watching all the different planes fly in low to the city. I may be on them all day long, but I’ll never get sick of seeing them fly.


Our first stop on the monument tour was The Lincoln Memorial. It was a Saturday morning and the beginning of March so Spring Break was in session. Kids, buses, and families were everywhere. Despite being surrounded by people, we made it to the top and took in the amazing Lincoln statue. From the top of the steps you can see the pond and Washington Monument. It’s a beautiful view indeed.


Once we got to the bottom of the steps we headed to the right to see the Korean memorial, then to the Vietnam memorial across the way. By this point we were getting super hungry. We made our way over to a hotdog stand and got some yummy street food. Now just because it’s street food, does not mean it was cheap food. For two hot dogs, a pretzel, and two drinks, it cost us nearly $30. DC is one of the most expensive cities to visit, but the food was amazing, so it was definitely worth it.

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Right next to the hotdog vendor was the Einstein statue and memorial, we explored that area for a bit and made our way over to the World War II memorial and the Washington Monument. We were told that you are able to get to the top of the monument, so we wanted to see if we could. It turns out they only let you up first thing in the morning and you usually have to stand in hour 2 hours ahead of time to even have a chance at doing it. We had obviously missed the cut off, but we still enjoyed the beautiful view of the city from the ground.


Off to the side of the monument was The White House. Cherry blossoms were freshly blooming everywhere and a few were on the White House grounds. The place looked as beautiful as ever, and we were able to go right up to the fence. I’ve never been able to get that close, but that didn’t last very long as the police came and rallied everyone out of that area because it began to get too crowded.


By this time it was getting dark and we were getting hungry again. We decided to walk to the other side of the White House, take some pictures, then grab food and go home. From our previous lessons learned on other trips, we did some research on great local eateries near us, and despite being super hungry, we decided to wait for whatever restaurant we chose to go to. The first high star rated place right next to the White House that popped up was the Old Ebbit Grill. From all the reviews it sounded amazing and it was known for it’s crab cakes, oysters, and other various seafood. Excited to be near a coast again we definitely had seafood on our mind.


As we had expected, due to location, it’s amazing reviews, and great food, there was an hour and a half wait before we could even be seated. Hungry but determined to have amazing food, we headed to the bar to enjoy each other’s company and grab a couple of beers. When our buzzer did finally ring and we were able to order, we got everything that was recommended. We started with bowls of clam chowder, then two different kinds of fresh oysters (Tyler’s first time trying those as well!), finished off the dinner portion with some fresh delicious crab cakes, and got two amazing deserts, the blondie brownie toffee Sunday and a chocolate chip bread pudding. We were completely stuffed, but so satisfied with our choices. The food, service, and drinks were WELL worth the wait.

With our bellies stuffed, and our feet hurting from the long walking adventure of the day, we hailed an uber back to the hotel and called it another wonderful night.


This trips moral lesson is this, not everything in life is an instant gratification type thing, a lot of things in life you have to wait for. Waiting, is worth it, and usually, if the waiting is for something you really want, is so much better than settling for something mediocre. Actually, no it always is, you should never settle for anything less than what you want. Sure, you may be rejected a few times, or have to wait a while to get what you want, but you should never stop striving to get that thing, whatever it may be. Life is just too damn short to want anything less than the best for yourself. Settling is not the best.

This trip, we took our time exploring, we waited a lot just by choosing to walk places instead of driving or taking the train. We even waited a very long time to get seated to get our food that evening. All that waiting though, created amazingly fun experiences and allowed us to have some of the best food in the area. Waiting my friends, is worth it!

That’s all for today my adventure seekers. Until next time!

Love and Hugs,

The World Wanderess


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