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Hello again my amazing wanderlusters and adventure seekers! It’s your favorite wanderess back from a new adventure, this time in San Jose and San Francisco, California. Now, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, or just hate football, I’ll explain a little about the two cities. San Jose, Cali is home to the San Francisco 49ers Levi’s Football Stadium. That stadium is also the host of the 2016 Superbowl. THIS girl happens to be born and raised in Denver AND kind of a huge Bronco fanatic. This year the Broncos have made it to the Superbowl and are playing the Carolina Panthers tomorrow, Sunday Feb 7, 2016.

Now San Fran is the home to Superbowl City. So essentially because San Jose is too small, and not that exciting of a city (comparatively to San Fran, I like San Jose personally) the NFL chose to station all the fan fun Superbowl activities there and name it Superbowl City for the past month.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I’ll get to the more important question. How the hell did I get so lucky to wind up in both? Well my lovelies, as luck may indeed have it, work sent me there, one night in each place. Let me tell you I was ecstatic and made sure I packed my bronco’s gear. Lots of squealing and excited dancing followed.

As luck may also have it, I was paired with a super fun, adventurous crew, who also wanted to check out the football festivities with me. As I mentioned in my first post, I love solo travel, and would have gladly and proudly visited these sights by myself, but I’ve got to say, going with a group made it even more fun!



San Jose, California

So the first night in San Jose we arrived a few hours later than expected, but the second we got into our hotel, we ran upstairs, changed, and were back out the door within 15 minutes. We were DEAD set on seeing the stadium, but from everything our shuttle driver and hotel staff were telling us, it was going to be impossible to get close to it, “Too much security and too many roadblocks,” they said.

Ignoring their warnings, but taking their advice that the best way to the stadium was by light rail, we jumped on the rail and headed to the stadium. The light rail passed right in front of the Stadium, perfect view of Payton Manning’s (Denver’s Quarterback) and Cam Newton’s (Carolina’s Quarterback) giant posters hanging over the entrance.  The train slowed down so we could take in the moment, and stopped a few hundred feet away to let us off. With pure excitement running through us and eagerness to prove everyone wrong that we could indeed get to the stadium, we skipped off the train and headed towards those signs.

Giddiness in our souls and happiness in our hearts we made the trek to the front of the building, but within seconds our hopes were crushed. Security was blocking EVERY entrance, and the closest we could get to the front was the actual light rail station stop we were currently at.  Who knew locals would know more than us??

Slightly bummed but determined to make the most of the situation, we took pictures of what we could see, wandered around the tiny area that we could wander, and sat for a bit taking in the fact that in just a few short days, such a huge and awesome event that people are paying thousands upon thousands of dollars to attend, was going to take place at this stadium right in front of our eyes. As we sat their pondering that fact, we began to hear music being played from inside the stadium. It was too fresh to be prerecorded, so we listened real close to discover what was happening. Lo and behold it was COLDPLAY doing a sound check for, “Sky Full of Stars”. Yea, I know! I lost my crap and started squealing and dancing ALL over again.

We later found out that Beyonce, Snoop Dog, along with a few others were all doing their sound check that night, and we tried to stick around longer to hear more, but it was getting dark and it was awfully quiet, so we called it a night and headed back to our hotel.

With hopes of getting to bed early, we ended the night with dinner and drinks at the hotel, and a Thai massage to knock us out for the night. If you’re ever in San Jose, the place is called Foot Massage and they will give you the BEST, I kid you not, BEST full body massage of your life for only $20, $25 with tip. It was a perfect ending to set us up for another perfect day the next day.

IMG_20160206_083304 IMG_20160206_083710

San Francisco, California

Day two, we arrived in beautiful San Francisco, California. We took the Caltran to head down to the city. In the past, I had always used the BART, San Fran’s light rail system, but when we met up with a local, she showed us a cheaper and faster way (if you time it right) to get into the city using that. (Some food for thought for future travelers to the area).

IMG_20160206_082841 IMG_20160206_094751IMG_20160206_085632

Before we knew it (well it was a bit longer than before we knew it, but eventually we got on the train) we were in the city and right in front of Ferry Plaza where all that night’s festivities were taking place! We found out that at 8:30pm that night, One Republic was putting on a free concert, (“It’s too late to apologize, its tooooo latttteeeee”) and a giant firework show at 10pm. With about 4 hours to kill before the concert, we took some photo op pictures, grabbed some grub, explored the Superbowl city area, and then settled in for the show to begin.


 20 thousand plus people showed up to see the performance. They had to hold off admitting people and broadcast it on buildings so people who showed up late could still see it! It was INSANE! We were really lucky we got there relatively early and got a decent spot by the front. The concert was beyond amazing, and I forgot how many hits they actually did have! They played a whole hour and every song they played was a chart topper. Kicker too??? They’re a Denver based band! Badass right???


Well,  after the concert had ended around 9:30pm, and we followed the cattle call out of the Superbowl city area, we started to walk back to the Caltran along the water hoping to catch the fireworks go off across the bay. As luck may have it again (I’m sensing a theme here), we wound up in the perfect spot, with very few people around us, and watched the 30 minute, SPECTACULAR firework show go off across the bay. One of the best I’ve ever seen by far! With that perfect ending, we concluded our night, headed back to the hotel, and took a short nap before we had to begin work again the next day.

IMG_20160206_090703 IMG_20160206_090341

My moral lesson of this week’s adventure is this: take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. We could have all easily chosen to be tired, stayed in our hotel rooms, and let the nights pass us by. (God knows our days were long and intense as we flew across the country all day.) Instead, we chose to go out, explore, and see some things that people may never see in a lifetime. We chose to take advantage of our surroundings and ended up in some pretty phenomenal situations because of it. Life is passing all of us by right now, and some of us choose to just let that happen. Don’t. Do something exciting tonight, or different from your normal routine and make today an adventure. I promise you, you’re more likely to regret the things you never did, than the things you actually took part in. Luck only happens when you take actions to make it happen. Go out there and take an action today! You may get lucky too ;)!

Alright, that’s enough novel writing for today loves. On to my next adventure in New Orleans tomorrow for Mardi Gras! Talk to you all soon!! Stay curious and wanderlusting!


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