Boston Taste Test

Boston, Massachusetts. One of my favorite east coast cities to visit. It is filled with fascinating American history, an amazing culture, and spectacular food. I love exploring this city, and I love even more to share it with others. On this particular visit, I was able to bring along my boyfriend Tyler, to allow him to see the city for his first time ever.


Now Boston is not the type of place you can really take in, in just a day. There are so many things to do and see, and so many foods to try and eat, that you really need a few days to truly even begin to appreciate the atmosphere you’re in. BUT when you only have 17 hours there, and still want to see as much as possible, you do what we did, and you taste the city.


Now, what I mean by that is Boston has some of the most amazing food, particularly seafood, pasta, and pastries that I have ever had. So naturally we decided to do a mini food tour and try the best of the best while we were there.

Our Arrival Night


When we arrived late the first night our intention was actually not set on food. It was MMA fight night, and Tyler and I, both being really big fans, wanted to do everything in our power to make sure we were able to watch both headlining fights. I’d love to say we found some spectacular tiny authentic Irish Pub to watch the match at, but I’d be lying. We wanted to make sure we were actually going to watch the fights instead of getting somewhere and discovering they didn’t show them, so we went to our goto sports bar, Buffalo Wild Wings.

I know, I know. I just talked about how amazing the food is in Boston, and the first place I tell you we went to is Buffalo Wild Wings. Now, nothing against BWW. It’s delicious, but not exactly unique as you can find it in most places. Like I said though, our intention that night was to just grab a brew and watch the fights.

Now I mentioned we got in late, which is true. The Holme v. Tate match was just about to begin as we got in the Uber, and Buffalo Wild Wings was another 20 minutes away. We were certain we were going to miss that fight. My crew from that day decided to join us and thankfully one was face timing her daughter. I say thankfully because her daughter and their friends were watching the fight at home, so they live streamed the fight to us through FaceTime! It was spectacular! We caught the first 2 rounds in the Uber and ran inside to watch the rest. Our crew mates met up with some locals that evening and after the fights were over with, one drove us around the city and eventually took us back home, well our home for the night in Boston.

A big reason I’m not a fan of eating at chain restaurants when I travel, or at least chain restaurants that you can find everyday at home, is because you feel like you’re still at home while in the new city. Yes this can be comforting sometimes, but the point of traveling is not necessarily to feel comfortable, but to learn and grow. There were so many times when we were in the bar that we would make a comment about how it felt like we were at home until we heard the Boston accents, that was definitely the dead give away we were far away. So at least we had that! Love those east coast accents!

The Day of Amazing Food


After a quick nap (definitely not a full nights rest), we got ready, and headed downtown to explore. We were staying very close to the airport, and navigating to downtown was very easy to do. There are several options, water taxi’s, the train, or uber. All are different prices, all are not available everywhere, but for us, this time uber was the cheapest because I had received 4 free rides a few days earlier. Uber is definitely a travelers best friend, I always recommend looking out for deals and discounts. I use it all the time and often spend less money than I would on public transport. Again, it just depends where you’re at and where you’re going.


I had our Uber drop us off at Quincy Market, one of the most famous walking areas in Boston. We walked around there for a bit, went up to Sam Adams grave, and walked around through some of the Freedom Trail. Our walking stirred up our appetite and we decided to hit up a very well known local, family owned restaurant called, The Daily Catch. I mentioned before that two of the things you have to try while in Boston are the seafood, and the pasta. Well this place had both. The place is extremely tiny, so you have to get there at the right time to get a table. We were lucky enough to get sat right away but the place filled up soon after. Be aware this place is cash only, so stock up before you enter, I promise you’ll spend more than you think and you’ll be completely happy with it.

image  imageimage

We ordered the Clams Casino which were ridiculously delicious stuffed clams, and each of us ordered their specialty black pasta, which was pasta made of calamari. Tyler got the Alfredo and I, the Aglio Olio which included ground squid (I did say try the seafood right??). Both were amazing, and we had plenty for left overs that tasted even better the next day, even cold. Now the meal wasn’t cheap, most great restaurants in the surrounding downtown area definitely are not, but if you have the option of cheap meh food, or expensive great food, I will always choose the expensive. You’ve got to feed your soul as well as your tummy when you travel, and good food definitely accomplishes that.


After our amazing meal there, we decided to top it off with some freshly baked pastries. There is this amazing bakery, cash only as well, right down the street from The Daily Catch called Modern Pastry. Now this place is a big hit with the locals and always busy, but for good reason, it’s spectacular and you have so much to choose from. We both ordered creme brûlée cups, as well as a Boston cream cupcake and a white chocolate truffle heart with a latte. Everything was beyond amazing and despite being completely stuffed from our previous meal, we cleaned our plates and left.

If your asking where the cannoli’s were, I’ll tell you, unfortunately we did not get any this time (totally my fault), but one of our pilots ended up bringing the whole crew cannoli’s from Modern later that afternoon. Oh life =)



With our bellies full, souls happy, and our mini tour complete, we walked around the corner to glance at the Paul Revere house that was literally just down the street from all the amazing food. Boston, as Tyler pointed out, has a very beautiful way of mixing in all the amazing historical buildings with the new and modern places. With time running short, we hailed our uber, headed back to our hotel, and called it a day.

Feed Your Soul


This trips moral lesson is about feeding your soul. So often in our everyday society, we are so focused on restrictions. Restrictions in our diet, restrictions in our budget, how strict we are with working out, our social life, work, that we often deprive ourselves of really getting to indulge in the good stuff. By depriving ourselves, we create the craving to indulge even more, so then, when we finally do break down and eat a brownie, or skip a workout, or have a beer, we eat the whole batch and regret it. That action not only hurts our overall goals, but our soul because we instantly feel bad about our actions and sink into a depressive state. This can essentially ruin our future goal planning and things just get more complicated from there. All these reasons are the reasons why I don’t restrict myself of much. If I want to do something, I do it, if I want to eat it, I eat it, if it calls my name, I go to it. With that being said, I still have a very balanced life, I do eat mostly healthy, I do take care of my body, and I do watch my finances as much as I can, BUT when I want to indulge, I never question myself or feel bad about it. Life is too short to deprive yourself of the good things within it.

By feeding yourself the life you truly want, you feed your soul and ultimately make your life a better, more beautiful place. On this trip, we definitely fed our soul. Sure, we did not eat the healthiest items, and we had a lot of those unhealthy items, but we also walked a lot, explored, and got to taste the culture in the process. We found balance and fed our soul with the good things we really wanted. That salad will always be there tomorrow, and yes you should keep that salad in your life, but treat yourself with that ice cream because you love it, make it special, don’t make it a punishment. Apply this to everything in life. You want it? If it’s really good for your soul, do it, balance your life and make your world a happier place.

And that’s it for this trip my wanderers and wanderesses! Thanks for joining me on another adventure!

Until next time!

Hugs and Love,

The World Wanderess



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